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The Aquarium and Rolli Palaces

The constant rival of Venice in Medieval times over the division of the Mediterranean, Genoa La Superba, is today a city of historical and artistic interest offering great attractions for the young and old and with the largest Aquarium in Europe.

We have chosen for you two of the main attractions in Genoa which we are sure you will want to add to your list of things to do during your stay in Liguria.

If you are interested in taking in some history and enjoy a break from the splendid beaches of the Ligurian Riviera, you can explore the historical city centre, where you must not miss the Via Garibaldi – or “Strada Nuova” (New Street) – also known as Via Aurea. This route runs from Via Garibaldi, Via Cairoli and Via Balbi and it is where, after 1550, the most important Genoese families decided to live close together in the same area of the city. It is called the Via Aurea because of the high quality of its buildings and Via Garibaldi and the other “New Streets” have been listed as UNESCO sites along with the Rolli Palaces, the particularly wealthy residences of the nobility.

For further information, consult the Genoa Comune website.

For anyone who decides to visit Genoa the beautiful Aquarium is a must!

The Aquarium is managed by a group of entities including the Non-Profit Genoa Aquarium Foundation whose main mission is to educate the wider public on the conservation, management and responsible use of  the aquatic environment.

The edutainment Acquariovillage offers different types of itineraries that are extremely engaging and educational for all ages.

For further information, consult the  Genoa Acquarium website.